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Termites Invade!


2 Mac, Wednesday – A chair has been damaged on this morning. The only cause is the termites, which had ‘ruling’ the school for few years.


            The incident happened at the physics lab when the students of class 5 science 1 were studying. The victim of the incident is Tan Shih San, treasurer of the class. She was been put in the wrong on the beginning when the incident occurred.


            The truth is the victim was standing up when she wanted to ask a question with her hands pressing on the end of the chair. Then, she lost her balance and cause her weight shifted on the end of the chair. The loud sound of ‘crack’ produced instantly and drew all of the people’s attentions including the teacher, Puan Rita, who was teaching at that period. Fortunately, the victim was unharmed. However, the end of the chair was broken and the witnesses laughed when they saw the victim was standing and ‘freeze’ on the spot while her hand was holding the broken piece of wood. The misunderstood continued as the victim was clarifying that she was innocent.


            After a minute, the truth was been discovered by one of the eyewitnesses. The inner part of the chair was half hollow with some termites living inside. Some of them were fallen to the floor too. Curiosity has brought some of the students to see more clearer of the bugs while part of the students were afraid.


            Actions had been taken by the teacher and the victim. The broken chair had been threw away by the teacher while the termites, which were crawling on the floor were been swept by the victim. The victim claimed that she was having bad infrastructure problem since previous week. Advice had been given by the teacher to persuade her to pray sincerely from now on.


            Other pest problem had become serious in the school while the ‘buggy’ problem is the worst in these years. Therefore, the authority of the school should take actions as soon as possible before the termites having any chance to damage more furniture of the school.


            For more information about the termite, please visit


The incident took place on the X mark

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