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Motherís Day Special


††††††††† Happy Motherís Day! How are you going to celebrate it today? If you ask me, my family and I were having lunch at Funa Sushi restaurant (located near the Stadium Sulaiman or Padang Sulaiman I think). There is a buffet offer, RM 48++ for adult and RM 24++ for child who is under 12 years old (Look, Iím not promoting the restaurant okay?). Although having a lunch is not special, my mother enjoyed the lunch very much. See her faces, Ďsui leí! (in Hokkian)




























††††††††† Anyway, we must appreciate our mother for bringing us up, not only on Motherís Day. As a child, we arenít able to repay anything except be obedient to them. Although we are having exam in these weeks, please remember to say ĎMom, I love you!Ē


††††††††† The following links have some information about mothersí day:



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