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††††††††† Same as usual, we were having Chinese lesson on a couple of weeks ago. Our Chinese teacher, Mr. Tong (donít guess anything. He has no any relationship with Su Ling at all) gave us an exercise. One of the questions was asking us to translate the tradition Chinese sentence to modern sentence. So, of course, how can the students who are living in 21st century translate the Ďoutdatedí sentence? However, as a dedicated student, Sue Chin tried to answer the question with all her effort.


HmmÖ. Did you know how to translate the following Chinese sentence to English?




Huh? You had no idea? Letís see how our classís elite, Sue Chin solved this problem.


Johnny go to chu guo, and he pass by the lin zhong.


A hem! Donít laugh! Now, hereís the correct answer:


Confucius goes to Chu and passes by the jungle.



Chu, an independent state that existed during China's Spring and Autumn.


Actually, 仲尼 (Zhongni) is Confuciusís courtesy name. Due to Sue Chinís direct translate, 仲尼 had became Johnny.


So, what about lin zhong? Please donít ask me. Iím not Sue Chin.


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